Sunday, January 31, 2010

Essie Marshmallow with Orly Twilight

I love Essie Marshmallow.  It's that perfect white sheer, that you can use as a french manicure base, or as shown here with three coats, you can wear as a classy everyday color.  I used to always wear these sheer colors on my nails, because I liked how they looked in contrast with my skintone.  That was until I discovered exciting new colors and stopped just wearing them on my toes!  These types of sheer colors look good on all skintones though.

This is Essie Marshmallow in indoor lighting with no flash.

Really dim natural lighting without flash

Orly Twilight over Essie Marshmallow in natural lighting without flash.

Orly Twilight over Essie Marshmallow in indoor lighting without flash.
There is subtle shimmer that is hard to see, but this was with only one coat of Twilight.  It layers quite nicely, and creates a pretty shimmer to any polish.  It is not a strong difference but one that a nail polish lover can appreciate.  Over darker shades of course it is more prominent.

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  1. This looks great. I am a fan of Essie Marshmallow too. I picked up both toppers today when I had only 5 mins to run into Sally's and get 2 essentials I left home while on a long out of town surgery and post op stay. The really pale blue of Twilight really caught my eye. I had a lot of fun with Revlon's scented (some super sheer) fine glitters this summer. They did one in a teal/aqua that I have used a ton - thought Twilight would kind of do the same for some of my fall/winter polishes. It's subtail but enough showy at the same time. Best part leaves a smooth finish - no glitter roughness.