Saturday, January 16, 2010

Zebra/Tiger Toenails!

So I decided to do something fun with my toes. I like the way black and gold look together, and I love zebra print. I guess you could call this tiger print because of the colors I used.

1. First I started off with Seche base coat of course, and then I applied four coats of Sinful THIS IS IT #832. Sinful colors are very very sheer. THIS IS IT is a pretty pearly shimmery gold with rainbow iridescent glitter throughout. (FYI I really hate this color on my toes, but since it's the only gold in my collection, I figured I would try it out atleast once. Plus it's been a little colder out so noone is really going to see my toes.) This shade of gold just does not go with my olive toned skin, especially since I don't have a tan right now. It blends in and just makes my feet look ugly and really yellow!

2. Then I got a little crazy and added Wet 'n Wild Black Creme to my big toes, creating a black diagonal design on only my big toes. I just created a simple black french manicure to the rest of my piggies. Did not take a picture but look at final picture for result!

3. Then I used a nail art brush, and some black acrylic paint (any water based will do so if you mess up you can simply wipe it off), and added some zebra/tiger stripes. This was my first time doing any kind of animal stripes so I looked up pictures to help me create this look.


Now onto my fingernails. I wanted to match them, but I didn't want to go too crazy. I still have a tutoring job so I don't like to do too crazy of designs on my hands. Designs on my toes make me happy enough. This time I just used Wet N' Wild black creme, Milani Destiny Pink #307 and Color Club Nail art brush in Fine Gold Glitter.

I started off with Seche base coat and then two coats of Milani Destiny Pink. Then I created a reverse french manicure look by adding Wet N' Wild Creme Black to the tips. The final step to help match my toes was to add a line of Color Club Fine Gold glitter to the smile line of each nail.

FINAL RESULT!! Reverse black and gold french manicure!

Hope you enjoy my first official nail art post! Definitely more to come!!***

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