Friday, January 15, 2010

New nail colors!

So I went to my local CVS today and got these three new Milani nail colors. Apparently every end of January into February they get rid of discontinued colors and have a huge sale in order to make room for the new colors! So I got each of these 75% off, making them a little over $1 each!! Pretty awesome, but I only saw three colors that I would actually use.

I purchased Milani Destiny Pink, a sheer and perfect for french manicures color. I also purchased Milani Peach Cream and Garnet Gems. Garnet gems is a really cool color. I don't own anything else like it. It is a black sheer base with a bunch of red glitter throughout the polish. I have not swatched it yet so I can't show you a picture, but here it is in the bottle. It seems like a cool color if you want to do a dark Valentine's Day manicure, or seems like a good Halloween nail color. Strangely it also reminds me of the Queen of Hearts, maybe her black and red dress from Alice in Wonderland, and the release of OPI's new spring collection getting to my head. Who knows...

Milani Destiny Pink and Peach Cream look pretty similar but in the bottle, Destiny Pink is a few shades lighter and actually to me, has more peach undertones. Peach Cream seems less sheer and leans more towards pink. I think the names should be switched around!

Destiny Pink is on the left and Peach Cream is on the right.

I am a lover of the french manicure look, so both of these colors will work just fine for me. They are very sheer but when layered, can be worn for that sophisticated clean natural nail look. I actually am going to use Destiny Pink for nail art so check it out!***

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